Quick Home Loans

Life Happens! If you are a home owner and need quick access to cash, we can help. Our secured small loans allow you to use the equity in your home to borrow up to $30,000 in as fast as 48 hours.

Common uses for quick home loans

  1. Debt Consolidation
  2. Buying Investment Property
  3. Home Improvement/Renovations
  4. Vacation
  5. Education
  6. Life Events: Weddings, Funerals, Birthday, Other Milestones

  • Simple and Fast Process 
  • Open for partial / full prepayment with no penalty
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No requirement to retain legal counsel
  • No appraisal required by homeowner
  • Flexible Gross Debt Service and Total Debt Service ratios 
  • Self-employed borrowers accepted
  • Rental/investment properties accepted